Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue - Sponsor

Caring for senior animals does not come cheap. They require daily medications and many trips to the Vet. These costs can add up quick! Help us, help them by "Sponoring a Senior". 100% of the monthly proceeds go direclty back to care for our Seniors. Although their time is limited due to age, We can still make their remaining days as comforable as possible. Please find it in your heart to sponor one of these amazing Seniors. Thank You!

* picture courtesy of Helga Carter


Names: Black Jack, Baby and Autumn

Arrived at the Sanctuary on February 21, 2015. In need of help from neglect, Sunflower Sanctuary took in the "3 Amigos". It took them a while to settle in their new surroundings, but after a while they became more and more comfortable. They are sweethearts and boy do they love their snacks!


Age: 15
Sex: Male
Breed: Terrier Mix

Arrived to the Sanctuary on June, 20 2009. He was scared to death of people and only accepted Cynthia. He does get along with the other dogs, but tends to be afraid of his own shadow.


Age: N/A
Sex: Male

Arrived to the Sanctuary in early December 2016. He is a gentle giant and one of the happiest dogs.


Age: 11
Sex: Female

Fritz is outgoing and loves being at the Sanctuary.


Age: 16
Sex: Female
Breed: Collie/Chow Mix

Although Layla is blind, nothing stops this girl! She is a sweet loving soul who gets along with everyone and loves it here at the Sanctuary.


Age: 14
Sex: Male

Arrived at the Sanctuary on January 23, 2016 with his friend Baby Girl. He lived his life as a guard dog at an auto repair shop. His days now consist of relaxation and serenity.


Age: 10
Sex: Male
Breed: Briard Mix

Arrived at the Sanctuary on January 24, 2009. What a trooper this little guy is! You would have never known that he was shot three times and left for dead. He is one of our longest residents and acts as the ambassador for Sunflower. We couldn't ask for a better role model.


Age: 11
Sex: Female
Breed: Great Pyrenees

Arrived at the Sanctuary on March 13, 2014. She was rescued from an awful hoarding situation with over 90 animals. She settled in nicely at the Sanctuary and has become one of the leaders of the pack. She is still very skittish of people, but after a while she starts to warm up. All this sweet girl wants is some love and attention.